Julian is a director who celebrates an amazing idea above everything else.
Alongside this, he marries up memorable performances with a meticulous aesthetic. He prides himself on his ability to carve out moments in between the lines on a page. It’s important for him to build relationships with actors, allowing them space to put their own stamp on a script.

He’s a director, but also a writer, with a strong understanding of story structure and character development.
He believes that the best concepts can be summed up in a couple of sentences. When an idea is distilled to its core, that’s when the magic comes alive.

Julian seeks out actors with a great sense of comedic timing.
He sprinkles absurdity into the everyday, aiming to take relatable moments and tweaking them just enough to create something unforgettable.

His films have stood up at international film festivals in New York and London, as well as locally, winning Tropfest and picking up multiple Vimeo Staff Picks along the way.

Nothing over the top, Julian likes his comedy dry, but with enough gusto to get a rise out of the audience.
Whatever the project, Julian brings to it his same curiosity of character. A sharp wit and comedic timing that celebrates humour in the mundane, the comedy between the cracks.